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导读:狂刷 09 Unit 5 Warming Up Pre-reading Reading ComprehendingⅠ. 单词拼写 1.His lectures ranged over a ________(多样)of topics. 2.The crime rate is a ________(征兆)of social unrest. 3.Do keep the ________(毒药)away from your children


狂刷 09 Unit 5 Warming Up Pre-reading Reading ComprehendingⅠ. 单词拼写 1.His lectures ranged over a ________(多样)of topics. 2.The crime rate is a ________(征兆)of social unrest. 3.Do keep the ________(毒药)away from your children. 4.The police play a ________(至关重要的)role in our society. 5.It is necessary to build first ________(帮助)centers in the coal mine. 6.She cut her finger on a piece of glass and it was ________(流血). 7.Heart is one of the most important ________(器官)for man,birds and animals. 8.When he was reading at nine p.m.,the ________(电)light suddenly went out. 9.You cannot work out such a ________(复杂的)problem in just a few pages. 10.The young man often ________(榨出)money out of the pupil. 【答案】Ⅱ.完成句子 1.Joe (坐起身来) when he heard the knock on his bedroom door. (适当的). (反复) to stop smoking, but he doesn’t2.We don’t think your suggestion is quite 3.The doctor has warned him take any advice. 4.Being given his life. 5.There are 【答案】 1. sat up 4. first aid Ⅲ.选词填空 2. in place 5. a variety of(急救) at the scene of the accident probably saved(各种各样的) toys in the store for you to choose from.3. over and over again/time and time again-1-

fall ill depend onact as in place over and over again squeeze outa variety of stick to take off be close to 1. You’d better put things back them out. 2. He didn’t come to school yesterday, because he 3. The mother was the juice . . Otherwise, it will be difficult to findof a lemon(柠檬) to feed her baby. , he felt it less painful. my back.4. After the doctor rubbed his leg5. It’s very hot in the room, so I can feel my shirt 6. your clothes if they don’t stick to your burn. the weather. your exams.7. Whether we can go out8. You can’t go to the party because it 9. A trained dog cana guide to a blind person. diseases.10. The test is used to diagnose 【答案】 1. in place over again 6. Take off 10. a variety of Ⅳ.翻译句子 7. depends on 2. fell ill3. squeezing; out 5. sticking to 8. is close to4. over and9. act as1.在警方到这里之前,头部严重受伤的男子已被送往医院。

(before 引导时间状语从句) _____________________________________________________________________________ 2.如果可能的话,它可以作为防止这种射线的屏障。

(if possible, act as) _____________________________________________________________________________ 3.在其他时候,症状很轻微。

(when 引导定语从句) _____________________________________________________________________________ 4.至关重要的是这些中毒的儿童要立刻送往医院。

(It’s vital to do sth.) _____________________________________________________________________________ 5.除非开始流血,绝不要用纸巾擦她的鼻子。

(never do sth.; unless 引导条件状语从句) _____________________________________________________________________________-2-


(fall ill) _____________________________________________________________________________ 【答案】 1. Before the police reached here, the man with serious head injuries had been sent to hospital. 2. If possible, it can be used to act as a barrier against the radiation. 3. There are other times when the symptoms can be quite mild. 4. It’s vital to get the poisoned children to hospital at once. 5. Never use tissues to clear her nose unless it begins bleeding. 6. He was caught in the rain yesterday and then fell ill. Ⅴ. 单项填空 1. William, ______ monitor of Class Two, received awards at a ceremony yesterday for giving ______ first aid on a drowning woman. A. the; the the 【答案】B 【解析】考查冠词。

句意:威廉,二班的班长,因为对一个溺水的女人实施急救而在昨天的 仪式上获奖了。

monitor 意为“班长” ,是一个头衔,在句中作同位语,因此不用任何冠词; first aid 意为“急救” ,固定搭配。

故选 B 项。

2. Many people are asking the public to ________fewer fireworks during the Spring Festival to protect the environment. A. take off C. set off 【答案】C B. put off D. fall off B. /; / C. the; / D. /;3. The accident caused someto my car, but it’s nothing serious.-3-

A. harm damage 【答案】DB. injuryC. ruinD.【解析】考查名词词义辨析。

根据后面的 it’s nothing serious 可知,造成的破坏不严重, 所以不能选择 ruin"毁灭,废墟"。

damage 意为"破坏,损坏",意思是说程度不是很严重,往往修 理之后仍然可以使用。

harm 意为"伤害,损害",injury 意为"伤害"。

4. Mr Smith was almost broken down by him. A. a range of C. a series of 【答案】C 【解析】句意:由于发生在他身上的一系列不幸的事,史密斯先生的身体几乎崩溃。

a series of"一系列",符合题意。

a range of 相当于 a variety of,意为"各种各样的,种类繁多的";a list of 意为"„„的清单"。

5. If the little boy isn't sure about something, he will ask the same question________ until he is sure about it. A. once again C. over again 【答案】B 【解析】考查短语辨析。

句意:如果这个小男孩对某事没有把握,他会反复地问同—个问题 直到有把握为止。

once again 再一次;over again 再次,重新;once more 再一次; over and over again 反复地,再三地,符合句意,故选 B。

6. There are _________ number of waiters in this new restaurant and _______ number of the waitresses is 100. A. a; the D. the; the 【答案】A B. the; a C. a; a B. over and over again D. once more B. a variety of D. a list of unfortunate events that happened to-4-

7. He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he were ________ from the outside world. A.cut out C.cut up 【答案】B 【解析】句意为:他住院六个月,觉得好像与外界隔绝了似的。

cut off 隔绝;cut out 剪掉; cut up 切碎;cut through“刺穿,抄近路穿过”。

所以此题选 B。

8. If we learn some knowledge of first aid,it can make a real ________ in time of accidents. A.appointment D.difference 【答案】D 【解析】句意为:如果我们学习一些急救知识,在发生事故的时候它能真正发挥重要作用。

make a difference 起重要作用。

make an appointment 约会;make a decision 做决定;make a deal 达成交易,成交。

9. —How long has your grandma ________? —About three months. A.fallen ill C.fall ill 【答案】B 【解析】句意为:——你奶奶生病多长时间了?——大概三个月了。

fall ill 强调突然病倒, 是短暂性动词短语,不能与一段时间状语连用;be ill 表示生病的状态,是延续性动词短语, 可与一段时间状语连用。

结 合句意可知应选 B。

B.been ill D.be ill B.decision C . deal B.cut off D.cut through10. (2017·天津) It was when I got back to my apartment ______ I first came across my new neighbors. A. who B. where C. which D.-5-

that 【答案】 D 【解析】句意:当我回到我的公寓的时候,我首先遇见了我的新邻居。

根据关键词 It was 开头,后面连词首选 that, ,构成强调句型,但需要验证,本句中去掉 It was 和 that, 句意完整,所以确定是强调句型。

故选 D。

11. —Do you think we will have a long holiday next month? —________. A.I believe not C.I don’t believe it 【答案】A 【解析】 句意为: ——你认为下个月我们会有一个长假期吗?——我认为不会。

I believe not. =I don’t believe so.(I don’t believe we will have a long holiday next month.) B.I believe not so D.I don’t believe12. It was a difficult job for him. He had tried everything but it made little ________. A. use result 【答案】C B. good C. difference D.13. It is the promise _______ the government will ban students from using mobile phones at school _______ excites the teachers and parents. A. that, that C.不填 ; that 【答案】A 【解析】考查强调句和名词性从句。

句意:政府将会禁止学生在学校使用手机的承诺让老师 和父母兴奋。

the government will ban students from using mobile phones at school 为 the promise 的同位语从句,且该从句内容和结构完整,应该用 that 引导;第二空应用 that 与 It is 构成强调句 It is„that „,强调部分为句子的主语 the promise。

14. There is no doubt ________ you are bound to have an accident if you drive so fast down the motorway.-6-B. which, that D. that, which

A. which 【答案】CB. whetherC. thatD. ifⅠ. 完形填空 Bonnie's Miracle My sister Bonnie and her husband Bob owned their own flower shop. But flowers were becoming 1 at more and more local stores and through the Internet. 2 their 3 it. Forbusiness was not as good as it had been three years earlier when they about a year, Bonnie and Bob discussed They talked about enough 64 they should do. They debated selling.5 it into a gift shop or maybe a bookstore. But there just wasn't 7 the business. praying and asking God for answers.or people around the area to 8Feeling helpless, Bonnie began She the 9, "God, give me a sign telling us what You want us to do. Call me on10 , "she said, "and show me what to do. " Soon the phone rang. A young woman was asking how much they wanted for the 11 ."My husband and I never take the road beside12 shop, "she said, "but we were 13 . "driving by yesterday and saw the 'For Sale' sign in thePuzzled, Bonnie replied, "There isn't a sign in the window. My husband and I have been discussing whether or not we should sell, but haven't reached a I saw the sign!" the young lady and white in the It 15 14 . ""Butinsisted. "My husband saw it too. It was blue 17 the road. 1916 picture window18 that the sign was the reflection(反射)of a house's poster put upto the window on the other side of the road. Anyhow, within two weeks, the young lady and her husband 1. A. available D. expensive 2. A. However B. Thus C. Still-7-20 the flower shop at a handsome price. B. free C. beautiful

D. Even 3. A. enjoyed D. met 4. A. how what 5. A. destroying shutting 6. A. cars D. communication 7. A. stop D. support 8. A. sincerely D. quickly 9. A. asked wrote 10. A. door 11. A. business 12. A. their your 13. A. wall 14. A. goal judgment 15. A. hardly D. bravely 16. A. large D. rough 17. A. standing touching 18. A. looked out D. turned out-8-B. sawC. startedB. whetherC. whenD.B. changingC. openingD.B. goodsC. trafficB. proveC. competeB. sadlyC. happilyB. answeredC. prayedD.B. shop B. sign B. ourC. book C. method C. myD. phone D. work D.B. window B. contractC. ground C. decisionD. roof D.B. firmlyC. shylyB. smallC. dirtyB. checkingC. facingD.B. took outC. brought out

19. A. opposite close 20. A. hired D. discoveredB. nextC. similarD.B. boughtC. raised【语篇解读】生活中总会有奇迹的发生,尤其当你遇到困难的时候。

Bonnie 和 Bob 的花 店经营出现了状况,生意不好做了。


突然有 天,一位女士和她的丈夫打电话希望购买这家花店。

5. B考查动词。


change sth. into sth.“改变 破坏;B. changing 改变;C. opening 打开;开放;D.某物为„„”。

A. destroying shutting 关闭;停业。

故选 B。



A. cars 汽车; C. traffic 交通;D. communication 交流;谈话。

故选 C。

B. goods 货物; 7. D考查动词。


A. stop 停止; 证明;证明是;C. compete 竞争;比赛;D. support 支持;养活。

阻止;B. prove 故选 D。

8. A考查副词。

根据后面的“asking God for answers.”可知,Bonnie 在真诚地祈 sincerely 真诚地; 由衷地, 诚恳地; B. sadly 悲伤地; C. happily求上帝给予帮助。

A.幸福地;D. quickly 快速地。

故选 A。

9. C 考 查 动 词 。

根 据 前 面 的 “Bonnie began„ praying and asking God for 上帝给予帮助。

A. asked 询问;请求;B. answered-9-answers.” 可知,Bonnie 在祈求

回答;C. prayed 祈祷;祈求;D. wrote 写。

故选 C。

10. D 考查名词。

根据前面的“Call me”和后面的“Soon the phone rang.”可知,Bonnie 来给予帮助。

A. door 门;B. shop 商店;C. book 书;D. phone在祈求上帝能打电话 电话。

故选 D。

17. C考查动词。


A. standing 站立;容忍;B. checking 核查; 面对;D. touching 触摸;感动。

故选 C。

核对;C. facing 18. D考查动词短语。

句意:结果,花店窗户上“待售”的牌子是张贴在马路对面的房子 花店窗户上的反射。

A. looked out 留神;当心;B. took out 取 示;D. turned out 结果是,证明是。

故选 D。

上的一张海报,在出;C. brought out 出版,生产;使显Ⅱ. 七选五型阅读理解 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。

选项中有两项为多余 选项。

- 10 -

5 Ways to Get Work Done As the day draws to a close, are you having trouble finishing your work? You don't need to end up with a sense of failure. In the hours left, the following ways can help you get things done to have a sense of achievement. Trick yourself. 1 . So, try this: add something to your to-do-list that takes only 30 secondsto finish. Feeling a bit inspired? Then use as short a deadline to deal with another. Or focus on something by giving yourself only five minutes, and then work as long as you can. Take lots of breaks. Find yourself checking your cellphone or reading the Internet? 2 .Have some breaks, and you'll be able to face your work again with delight. Use rewards. One-hundred more words on this report, and you can have a cup of coffee. One more phone call, and you can check your personal email. 4 . 3 .Most of us spend too much of our day sitting. It's bad for our health and bad for our concentration. Take a walk or do some jumping in a free meeting room—anything to get you refreshed and your brain working again. Work as a team. When you have a big project deadline coming up, you can even keep a meeting room and work in the same place. co-workers while doing it. A. Get physical exercise B. Don't feel guilty C. Do things energetically D. Not only will you get more done E. Rewards are wonderful motivators F. Endless work makes us busy and tired every day G. A feeling of having made progress will inspire you- 11 -5, but also you'll feel more connected to your

【语篇解读】在每天就要结束在剩下的几个小时里,一些方法可以帮助完成一些有成就 感的事情。

Ⅲ. 语法填空 Do you like trying different things? Are you afraid you’re bad at? Last year I started to learn t’ at chi in order to improve my health and reduce my stress. It was something new for me, and I found it to be quite difficult, very 2 (difference) form anything I’d ever learned before. Small 3 (move) are 1 things that you thinkimportant in t’ ai chi. I was used to being fast and active ,4 to learn t’ aichi I had to learn patience. Now I’ve found that I’m a much more patient person than before, and t’ ai chi isn’t nearly as difficult as it We tend 5 (be ) before.6 (like) things we are good at — that’s normal. For example, I’m 7 8naturally very good at badminton and tennis, but I’m very had at anything involves keeping balance, such as skating, skiing and gymnastics. T’ ai chi has (great) improved my balance which has been a very good thing for me. My point is that you can keep 9(do) the things you know you’re good at andlive in your comfort zone, or you can try something new. If you don’t try new things, you’ll never know what it would be like to try something new. Challenge 10 (you).- 12 -

It will definitely pay off in the end. 【语篇解读】本文为夹叙夹议文。

讲述的是作者通过自己学习太极的经历体会到:要挑 战自己,尝试新的东西。

1. of 考查介词搭配。

句意:你害怕你不擅长的事情吗?根据句意可知应用介词 of。

be afraid of 害怕。

2. different 考查形容词。

句意:这对我来说是新的东西,我发现它很难,与人和我学 同。

根据句意可知应用形容词 different, 与后面的 from过的东西都非常不 搭配表示“与„„不同”。

3. movements 修饰可知此处用 movements。


句意: 在太极中, 小的动作很重要。

根据句意和形容词 small 名 词 movement 作 主 语 , 结 合 are 可 知 应 用 复 数 形 式4. but 考查连词。


根据 句意可知此处 应用 but 表示转折。

1.(2016·北京)I really enjoy listening to music ________ it helps me relax and takes my mind away from other cares of the day. A. because until 【答案】A B. before C. unless D.- 13 -


前后是因果 关系,故用 because 引导原因状语从句。

before 引导时间状语从句;unless 引导条件状语从 句;until 引导时间状 语从句。

2. (2015·江苏)The number of smokers, _____ is reported, has dropped by 17 percent in just one year. A. it 【答案】D 【解析】句意:据报道,吸烟者人数仅(过去)一年就减少了 17%。

分析句子结构可知,_____ is reported 是非限制性定语从句,关系词所表示的意义为"正如"。

故用 as。

which 引导的 非限制性定语从句无此意义。

3. (2015·湖北)The team are working hard to ___ the problem so that they can find the best solution. A. face 【答案】D 【解析】句意:团队正在努力分析这一问题以便找到解决问题的方法。

A 项"面对";B 项" 阻止";C 项"提出,举起";D 项"分析"。

故选 D 项。

4. (2014·江苏)Lessons can be learned to face the future, ________ history cannot be changed. A. though 【答案】A 【解析】句意:虽然历史不可改变,但是吸取教训来面向未来。

根据句意判断可知前后句之 间为转折关系,故用连词 though 连接。

5. (2014·江苏) Tom always goes jogging in the morning and he usually does push-ups too to stay ________. A. in place D. in fashion 【答案】C B. in order C. in shape B. as C. since D. unless B. prevent C. raise D. analyze B. which C. what D. as- 14 -

6. (2013·江苏)Your girlfriend is badly injured. You’d better _________ first aid to her before taking her to hospital. A. make 【答案】 B 【解析】 考查固定搭配。

句意: 这个女孩伤的很重。


do first aid 进行急救。

所以选 B。

B. do C. take D. afford- 15 -


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