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导读:Unit 1-4 练习题(二)一、 从下面四个选项中选出最佳选项。 (10%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.Look! There is ______ elephant and ______ monkey in the picture. A. a, a A. What A. look A. fun A. do A. talk A. am A. leaf A. an actor A. N


Unit 1-4 练习题(二)一、 从下面四个选项中选出最佳选项。

(10%) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.Look! There is ______ elephant and ______ monkey in the picture. A. a, a A. What A. look A. fun A. do A. talk A. am A. leaf A. an actor A. No, I’m not C. Thank you(B. a, an B. How B. see B. interesting B. does B. talking B. are B. leafs B. a doctorC. an, a C. Why C. hear C. dangerous –– In a bank. C. is C. talk with C. is C. leaves C. an actor B. Sorry, I don’t D. Yes, I doD. an, an D. Where D. listen D. boring D. be D. talking with D. be D. leafes D. a shop assistant) 2. ––______do you like penguins?–– Because they are fun.) 3. Dolphins are friendly with people. So let’s ______ the dolphins first. ) 4.I don’t want to be a waiter, I think it’s kind of ______. ) 5. Where ______a bank clerk work?) 6. A reporter likes _____ to people and writing stories. ) 7.This is my new friend. He ______ from Singapore. ) 8. Giraffes are very tall and they can eat ______on the trees. ) 9. People come to me when they want to buy some things, so I’m ________. ) 10. ––You are a beautiful policewoman! –– ___________.)31.That’s ______ interesting work. A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )32.--__________ – I’m a reporter. A. What do you do? B.Who are you? C. What are you? D. Both A and C. ( )33. ______ does your father work? --- In a hospital. A.What B.How C.Where D.Which ( )34.It’s_______ to climb the tall tree, be careful. A.danger B.dangerous C.busy D.difficult ( )35. The woman can speak _______ Chinese. A. a little B. a few C. lot of D. many ( )36.There are three _______ in the office. A. policeman B. policemen C. polices D. policewoman ( )37. I like to_______ with my friends. A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk ( )38. He wants to be an actor________it’s an exciting job. A. and B. so C. because D. why ( )39.Our school is ________children _______6-12. A. in, for B. for, in C. of, for D. for, of ( )40. Does Mr. White __________ in Beijing? A. likes working B. likes work C. like working D. like work 一、句型转换(Rewrite the sentences in another way) 计 10 分) ( 41.My mother works in a restaurant.(划线部分提问) ______ _______ your mother ________? 42.Mary likes singing. (改为一般疑问句) _______ Mary _______ singing?

43.Jim’s parents speak English and Chinese.(改为否定句) Jim’s parents 44. What’s her job?(改为同义句) 45.work , for , can , you , a ,newspaper. ? (组词成句)English and Chinese. ? ?二、根据句意和首字母补全单词(每题 0。

5 分,共 5 分) 11. ---Do you e________ your work? --- Yes, I like it very much. 12. There is a big park in the n____________. You can play in it. 13. His grandparents’ house is a ________ from the bank. 14. Your shoes are clean, but my shoes are d_________. 15. Is there a bookshop n________ to the park? 16. Go s_________ and turn left on Fifth Avenue. 17. I’m very h__________. I want to eat some food. 18. There are many books in the school l________. 20. There is a library b________ the post office and the supermarket. 1. Let's go to the zoo on weekends. There are many a_______ there. 2. D_______ are smart and interesting. They live in water. 3. He doesn't want to do any homework and he is l_______. 4. The e_______ has a long nose and big ears. 5. This yellow skirt looks very b________. i like it very much. 6. We like listening to the music d________ the night. 7. P_______ are very friendly, they only live in China. 8. ---Where is Qingdao? --- You can see it in the m_____ of China. 9. I think the movie is k_____ of interesting. Do you want to read it? 10. I have two sisters. One is a worker, the o________ ia a teacher. 三、根据括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

(每题 1 分,共 10 分) 21. A good __________(begin) makes a good ending. 22. The boys are good at swimming. They are good _________(swim) 23. Linda enjoys _________ (listen) to music every day. 24. The hotel with an __________(interest) garden is Mr. Smith’s. 25. There are four _________(library) in our city. 26. I know she ________(go) home at five every day. 27. There ________(be) a teacher and some students in the classroom. 28. There ________ (be) some students and a teacher in the classroom. 29. The bank is _________ (cross) from the library. 30. Across from the shop ________ (be) some restaurants. 11. Let's go to the park _______(one). 12. There are many ________(leaf) on the ground.(操场) 13. The boys want ________(paly) soccer now. 14. Please _______(bring) these things to me. 15. Lisa often _______ (do) her homework at school. 16. What a funny time _______(have) supper. 17. Let's _______(take) a bus to work.18. Bridge Street is a good place________(have) fun.

19. What animal _______(live) only in China. 20. What other ________(animal) do you lik 四、选择介词填空。

(每题 1 分,共 10 分) at, with, from, on, in, between, near, next to, through, across, about 31. I like Chinese food, what ________ you? 32. ---Where is the post office? --It’s ________ Fifth Street. 33. ---Is there a hotel ________ here? ---Yes, it’s not far from here. 34. I play volleyball ________ my friends after school. 35. The pay phone is ________ the post office and the library. 36. ---Where’s the library? ---It’s ________ the bank. 37. Lisa is ________ the United States. 38. Please look ________ your book. 39. Take a walk ________ the park. 40. An old hotel is ________ from the park. 五、单项选择。

(每题 1 分,共 15 分)41. There is a house ____ a garden next to the park. A: in B: on C: with D: about 42. Walk along the street, then you can see a bank ____ your right. A: in B: on C: from D: at 43. I often take a walk ____ the park in Second Avenue. A: across B: through C: pass D: cross 44. There is a big desk between ____ and ____. A: he, I B: he, me C: him, I D: him, me 45. There ____ a bank in the neighborhood. A: have B: has C: is D: are 46. The pay phone is ____ Green Street and it’s across ____ the hotel. A: in, to B: on, from C: at, through D: in, through 47. Her parents often ____ after dinner. A: take a walk B: takes a walk C: take to walk D: take walking 48. --- Is there a hotel near here? --- Yes,____ A: it is B: there is C: it isn’t D: there isn’t 49.Go straight and turn ____. You can see the school. A: to left B: the left C: for the left D: left 50. We enjoy the party. We ___ at the party. A: has a fun B: has fun C: have a fun D: have fun 51. There ____ a desk and two beds in the room. A: are B: is C: has D: have 52. Can you tell me the way ____ the park? A: at B: to C: of D: for 53. You can ____ some music here. A: listen B: see C: enjoy D: look 54. The hotel is ____ the market and the bank. A: both B: in C: next to D: between 55. My house is ____ the garden. A: across in B: cross from C: across from D: across at( 21. My mother usually goes to bed late ____ night. ( A: at B: in C: on D:for ))22. That little animal is very ____. Please don't talk here A: shy B: fun C: cute D: interesting( ()23. What ____ things can you see in the piature? A: the other B: others C: other D:any )24. ---Isn't Amy tall? ---____. A: Yes, she is B: No. she is C: Yes, she isn't D: No, she does

()25. Koalas sheep ____ the day, but ____ night they get up and eat leaves. A: at, in B: during, at C: in , in D: at, at()26. ---Are there any animals in the zoo? ---______. A: Yes, there are. B: Yes, they are. C: No, they aren't. D: No, there are.()27. ---How many elephants are there in the zoo? A: some B: any C: one D: much--- There aren't _______.()28. Pandas like eating ____ and elephants like eating ___. A: leafs, grass B: leaves, grass C: leaf, grass D: leaf, grasses()29.--- ____ do they go to the zoo? ---Because they want to see the tigers. A: Why B: Where C: What D: How()30. Look! The meat ___ on the table. The apples ___ in the bag. A: is, are B: are ,is C: are,are D: is ,is( ( ( ( ()31. We are in the library. Please ____ quiet.A: can B: be C: do D: are A: but B: and C: so D: are)32. Larry likes English, ____ he doesn't like math. )33. Does Linda want____ the dolphins?A: to see B:see C: seeing D: sees)34. The little girl is ____ beautiful. A: kind B: a kind C: a kind of D: kind of )35. Molly doesn't do her homework____.A: at the night B: at night C: on the night D: in night 六、句型转换(每题 1 分,共 10 分) 56. Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the airport?(改为同义句) Excuse me. ________ ________ the airport? 57. There is a video shop near here.(改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答) ________ ________ a video shop near here? ________, ________ ________. 58. There is a book store near here.(改为否定句) There ________ a book store near here. 59. The bank is on Green Street.(对划线提问) ________ _______ the bank? 60. Walk through the street and you can find it.(改为同义句) ________ ________ walk through the street and you can find it. 61. She likes bananas.(一般疑问句) ________ she ________ bananas? 62. The bridge is across from the hotel.(对划线提问) _______ ________ the bridge? 63. There are some books on the desk.(否定句) There ________ books on the desk. 64. Can Jim play the guitar?(作否定回答) ________, he ________. 65. I sit on Jack’s right and on John’s left.(同义句) I sit ________ Jack _______ John. 6. There is a leaf on the floor.(改为复数句子。

)There _________ some ________ on the floor. 37. There are some people in the park.(改为否定句) There _________ _________ people in the park. 38. Julia does her homework every night.(一般疑问句) ________ Julia ________ her home work every night.

39. She wants to watch the basketball game.(否定句) She ________ _________ to watch the basketball game. 40. She likes tigers.(对划线提问) ________ _________ ________ she like?41. Bill likes dogs because they very friendly.(同上) _________ _________ Bill like dogs? 42. I like reading English in the morning.(同上)_______ do you like _______ in the morning. 43. Linda likes some fruit.(否定句) Linda ______ _______ _______ fruit.44. He doen't relax ten hours every day.(肯定句) He _______ ten hours every day. 45. Mr. Wang works eight hours every day.(对划线提问) _______ _______ does Mr. Wang work every day? 六、下列每个句子都有一个错误,请用横线划出,并改正在后面。

(每题 1 分,共 10 分。

) 56.Let's to go school. _______ 57. His father is a very fun. _________ 58. Where are the pandas come from? _______ 59. The tiger likes eating meats very much. ________ 60. My Chinese teacher is very friend. _________ 61. Jim often plays with basketball after school. _______ 62. Tigers like to eating small animals. _______ 63. ---What do you like dolphins? ---Because they are very friendly._____ 64. We study English on every Monday. _______ 65. I am usually play volleyball after school. ________


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