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导读:Unit4road safety一、英汉互译 繁忙的路段 安全穿过 在城市里 寻找 一个斑马线 看....... 等待 绿灯 红灯 穿过马路 在你附近 保证安全 在人行道上 注意 向左看 向右看 一些儿童 踢足球 遵守规则

6b unit 3 asking the way a部分
6b unit 3 asking the way a部分

Unit4road safety一、英汉互译 繁忙的路段 安全穿过 在城市里 寻找 一个斑马线 看....... 等待 绿灯 红灯 穿过马路 在你附近 保证安全 在人行道上 注意 向左看 向右看 一些儿童 踢足球 遵守规则 保持安全 快速地走 不要跑 左边 在中国 他们的阿姨 乘公交 上车 如此多 继续 睡觉 看交通灯 到达你的家 开得快 如此多的汽车 二、按要求写单词 Left 反义词 slowly 反义词 One 序数词 quiet 副词 Safe 副词 easy 副词 Must 否定词 crossing 动词 Run 现在分词 stop 现在分词 Can 否定式 a few 同义短语 三、单项选择 ( )1. They are looking the boy everywhere. A.at b.for c.in ( )2. Then the drivers can see you . A.easy b.easily c.easly ( )3. You must the green man. A.wait b.wait to c.wait for ( ( ( ( ( )4. How can you cross the road ? A.safe b.safety c.safely )5. Can you see the man? You must wait a moment. A.green b.red c.yellow )6. We play on the road. A.must b.mustn’t c.can )7. What shouldn’t we do on the road? We shouldn’t . A.wait on the pavement b.run quickly c.don’t play )8. Please wait the green man.

( (( ( (A.at b.in c.for )9. There are too bikes and cars. A.many b.much c.some )10. Where do people drive on the left side of the road in China? In . A. Beijing b. Shanghai c. Hong kong )11. It ’s the . You can cross the road now. A.yellow man b.red man c.green man )12. There is so water in the glass. A.many b.much c.more )13. Does the bus stop here? Because the light is red. A. What b. Where c. Why )14. Look! Some children the road. Let’s wait a moment。

A.cross b.crossing c.are crossing )15. There any traffic lights. A.are b.aren’t c.isn’t )16. I have some water, Mum? A. Can b. Must c.can )17. It ’s late. You go to bed now. A.can b.must c.can ’t )18. You go fast on the road. A.must b.mustn’t c.can )19. do you go to see your aunt? She’s ill. A. How b. Where c. Why )20. The children run on the road. A.couldn’t b.must c.mustn’t )21. Follow the rules and stay on the road. A.safe b.safety c.safely )22. You watch TV now. A.can b.must c.shoulod )23. Are you / i’m visiting Shanghai. A. What, going b. What, doing c. Where, going )24. What must we not do on the road? We mustn’t . A.play football b.wait for the green man c.follow the rules )25. He can football well. A.play b.plays c.playing )26. I use your pen ? A. Must b. Should c. May )27. How do we your house? You can take a taxi. A.to get b.get c.get to )28. Can you me? A.help b.helps c.helping( ( ( ( ( (( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

( ()29. We should the task in time. A.finish b.finishes )30. Does Helen go to school everyday? A. How b. Whenc.finished At seven. c. Where四、根据词的适当形式填空 1. There are (three) traffic lights. 2. Can you (see)the red man? 3. Don’t (run) or (play)on the road. 4. The zebra (cross) the road. 5. You mustn’t (across)the road. 6. Do you know anything about road (safe)? 7. You must (one)look left. 8. It’s very (easy)to fly a kte. 1. Can you (drive)on the road? 2. We must (keep)the classroom clean. 3. What are you going to (play)? 4. Do you like (read)stories? 5. Do you have a healthy (diet)? 6. Did you (see)any elephants yesterday? 7. Don’t forget (look)out for the cars. 8. There (be)so much meat in the fridge. 9. What’s Tom 10. How can we 1. Where are you 2. Can you run 3. What should you 4. Do you want 5. Does Yang Ling 6. It’s time 7. I can also 8. You mustn’t 9. How many 10. Su Yang usually (do)? He’s (get) there? (cross)the road.(go)? (quick)? (do)in the library? (see)your uncle? (follow)the rules on the road? (have)lunch. (cross)the road with other people. (play) football on the road. (light)can you see? (wait)on the pavement.1. Do you usually go to school (later)? 2. He is a (health)boy. 3. Does Mike have any (habit)? 4. Yang Ling (do)her homework before dinner. 5. Everyone must (wait)for the green man. 6. The man is very (sleep). 7. You should (finish) your housework.

8. Please cross the road 9. You can’t eat too 10. She always(slow). (many) sweet food. (help) her friends.五、按要求改写句子 1. There are many busy roads in the city.(改为一般疑问句) 2. You must cross the road now.(改为否定句) 3. The drivers can see you clearly.(改为否定句) 4. You can wait on the pavement.(对划线提问) 5. You can find a zebra crossing near you.(对划线部分提问) 6. You must play on the road. 7. I will cross the road.(改为一般疑问句) 8. You must not read on the road.(对划线提问) 9. Some children play football on the road.(改为现在进行时)1. You can get to my house by bus.(改为一般疑问句) 2. There aren’t any traffic lights here.(改为肯定句) 3. I must run quickly on the road.(改为否定句) 4. You must not talk in class.(对划线部分提问) 5. Jim usually brushes his teeth in the morning.(改为否定句) 6. Mike has many good habits.(改为一般疑问句) 7. They should put their things in order.(改为一般疑问句) 8. Vegetables and fruit are good for our health.(对划线提问) 9. All the students must listen to their teachers in class.(对划线提问)

六、句子搭配 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A )1. Is it far from here? )2. Can you see the red man? )3. Thank you very much. )4. Do you run on the road? )5. Can we cross the road? )6. Who can help you? )7. Are you right? )8. Does he skate on the road? )9. Where can we wait? )10. Do you cross the road safely? B A. Yes, I can. B. No, he doesn’t. C. No, we can’t. D. You are welcome. E. Yes, I am. F. On the pavement. G. Yes, it is. H. The policeman. I. Yes, I do. J. No, I don’t. It’s not safe.( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ()1. It means we must stop. )2. Are they going fast? )3. Are there so many cars? )4. Is there a red light? )5. Does the bus stop? )6. Why does the bus stop here ? )7. Where’s the car? )8. How can I get there ? )9. What are they doing?A. You can take a bus. B. Yes, there is. C. It ’s on the road. D. I see. E. Yes, they are. F. No, there aren’t. G. It ’s the red light. H. Yes, it does. I. They are running.( )1. Where do you live? ( )2. Is there any water in the glass? ( )3. Do you like vegetables. ( )4. I’m very hungry. ( )5. Can I have some cola? ( )6. What do you need? ( )7. How do we get to the shop? ( )8. What did you buy yesterday? ( )9. Does your father have a healthy diet? ( )10. You’re late. 七、根据中文提示完成句子。

1. 城市里有许多繁忙的路段。

Many 2. 你要如何安全的穿过他们呢? Can you 3. 首先,你必须要找一条斑马线。

, you mustA. I’m sorry. B. Here’s some bread. C. I live in Nanjing. D. No, he doesn ’t. E. I need some rice. F. Yes, I do. G. I bought some fruit. H. No, you can’t. I. No, there isn’t. J. By taxi.roads in the city. ? a zebra crossing.

4. 你必须看交通灯并且等绿灯。

You must look at the 5. 你现在禁止穿过马路。

You the road now.andthe green man.6. 有时,你不能找到一条斑马线。

Sometimes, you cannot find 7. 为了保证安全,你要注意汽车和自行车。

, you can and bikes. 8. 你也可以和其他人一起穿过马路。

You can also cross the road 9. 一些孩子在马路上奔跑或者踢足球。

Some run or 10. 遵守规则在路上保持安全。

and 11. 你在马路上禁止做什么? you 12. 你禁止在马路上快速地跑。

You mustn’t 13. 我们如何到达你的家? can we 14. 他们上了公交车。

They 15. 公交车为什么在这儿停了? does the bus 16. 这儿没有交通灯。

any traffic lights here. 八、用合适的介词填空 For of at in to with 1. I want to visit my aunt. Do you want to come me? 2. lunch, we should have a lot of rice. 3. Mike likes eating hamburgers, but he eats a little a time. 4. a healthy diet, we should eat a lot of vegetables. 5. keep safe, we should follow the rules. 6. She often has a lot noodles for breakfast. . your house? the bus. here? on the road? . on the road.. carson the road!


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